the Shagway Sessions

Lynn Callihan

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If you decide to pre-order a download please let me know what format you'd like. Flac Wav or MP3.

This project has been a true labor of love and a cosmic array of creative talents.

The emotion and creativeness of the artists recording a live performance with just one Myrtle mic was beyond my expectations.

The level of talent and patience I experienced from the other musicians was humbling.

I consider this an "alternative Americana" sound with a dark alternative twist.

I'll be releasing this as a download only, ( unless you request a hard copy CD which will be an additional $2 charge ) in Flac, Wave, and MP3.

This has been one of my most creative CDs to date. Thanks to Ear-Trumpet-Lab for the amazing MYRTLE MIC and the help of the following folks.

Kittie Tuinstra on Bass and Vocals

Abe Kurzer on Dobro and Vocals

Jason Hargreaves on SLAP Bass

Mike Luusua for keeping things under control.

Special thanks

To Nancy Lynn Miller for allowing us to use your amazing Shagway Art Barn to record in.

Pre-orders will start on 10-3. Please let me know ahead of time what format you'd like..

$.99 for a single download $4.99 for an album download Available in Flac Wave MP3

$6.99 Hard copy CDs will be burned to order. Nothing fancy just good quality ......

As always.... thanks for the support


Expected release: November 29, 2019

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