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Closer to Fossil

Doormat Blues

You pulled out a thorn I had buried in my side
Left me here to bleed, then you hung me out to dry
Hey hey babe, what you have in store
I'm telling you baby, won't be your doormat anymore
You carry yourself like you are some kind of precious stone
Said you were lonely babe but I have never seen you alone


Met you on a Sunday you were standing in the rain
Said you need a man to love you, now I'm drowning in your pain


You can wipe your feet upon me 'cause your shoes ain't got no soul
Tell me that you love me, but even that is growing old

While You Run

Feel I'm falling' can't find my way
Hear you callin' you don't seem the same
Just like a stained glass window
Seems much brighter 'til the day is done
Carry that weight boy while you run

Empty faces in darkened rooms
Lonely places filled with gloom
It's six a.m. like the dawn you rise
Realize the prize you have won


Finish this line as I burn another smoke
Turn to the window as I start to choke
Look back on tomorrow
Like each days been said and done



This mask I'm wearing hides me from reality
Who are you fooling yourself your mind is never free
This mask I'm wearing reminds me of a dream
Time slips through my fingers and ice runs through my veins

No time to worry where your life will lead
Cast down your troubles, don't let another sew your seed

This mask I'm hides me from my soul
Who are you foolin' yourself just another heart you stole
This mask I'm wearing takes away all my pain
Can't stop this feeling of doubt of a past you can't regain


This mask I'm wearing reminds me of a dream
Time slips through my fingers and ice runs through my



Woke up this morning couldn't find my nicotine
Lately I've been living beyond my means
Someone called me on the telephone, asked me if I was stonedWhy can't they leave me alone?

Oh Corona, take it with a lemon not a lime

Later on this afternoon, turn on the tube and watch some 'toons
Wonder if they clean the room today
All the food it tastes the same,they tell me I'm not to blame
Everything I wear bears my name


Now the evening rolls around and they lock us down
Wonder why I'm still around these days
I've grown tired of magazines, Monopoly, shock therapy
Been living beyond my means these days


Blacktop City

Got me ghetto doorbells, got me government checks
Got me neon signs, but you ain't seen nothing yet
Saturday night special, lyin in the street
Got fluorescent smiles for everyone we meet

Take me back to the city, let me bleed again
Take me back to the city, back with all my friends

Pretty little white boy, would you like to buy some 'caine?
Fill your head full of speed, we'll play some street side games
Bend over touch your toeswith a blade up your back
Then we'll cut your body up in pieces, put you in a gunny sack


Some like the country for all the things it does
Deep piece of mind and the heavens up above
You can breath fresh air 'til it's coming out your ears
Just give me a piece of blacktop and a case of stag beer


Waiting For You

Waiting for you, midst the darkest night
Can't hide my pain, cigarette becomes my light
Tell me who's to blame
I can't get no release

Waiting for you,
I catch my breath
Wakes me in the night
Frightened by the moment, hidden from sight


Waiting for you, I start my day
Pressure builds inside, feel my mind start to explode
But you can't tell me why


Another day will be waiting for you, I can still feel the pain
Waiting for you, will you set me free?
Waiting for you, what will I gain?


So you're tired of being taken
Can't take his calls, tear those ears from the walls
Just feel a little shaken, what will he say?
You know you can't stay

I know your heart must be breaking, the way it done in the past
You should have known better, but this pain is fading fast

Chameleon I've watched you change colors
Black to blue what will you do?
Will you find another treat you this way?
I think you may


Just another morning after
you said you fell, you living Hell
You're under his spell, Chameleon

What's Going Wrong

I know a way to keep you from growin' old
Clear your mind and free your soul
Hey, hey what's going wrong
Another day I caught you lyin, another day I left you crying
Hey, hey what's going wrong

Tell me it's just a memory, that keeps it from being free
Tell me it's only in my head, there are only words you said

Got no time to stop and wait, for your lips have sealed my fate
Hey, hey what's going wrong
Just called to hear your voice, through a wire
Ihave no choice
Hey, hey what's going wrong



If I Had My Way

If I had my way, wouldn't cross streets any more
If I had my way, never would have walked through your door

I I had my way, If I had my way

If I had my way, I'd grow a beard down to my knees
If I had my way, I be the only one I need to please


If I had my way, I'd find my way back to my youth
If I had my way, I'd stop looking for the truth


If I had my way, I would turn myself into you
If you had your way, would you stop me if you only knew?

If I had my way, I'd set all our souls free
A loaf of bread and a nation I could feed



You drive me crazy, what are you trying to gain?
Do you needed answers or just someone to blame?
If you're going for the heart, you need better aim
I think I'm going, I think I'm going insane

iFyou need a fix, I do all repairs
I know all the tricks to keep you from despair
Say that's the only reason that you came


There are no mountains greater than your vain
The rain that falls reeks of your fame
I'm finding it hard to live with your pain
I think I'm going insane,
I think I'm going insane

Nickel-Plated Gun

I used to feel the heat from the light and the crowd
To the lane started melting my head
Now I sit back in the bar watch the other stars
As they fill their soul with rock and roll one night beds
Black shirts, white ties, platinum drums, little white lines,
Marshall stacks, platinum blondes
Little man shining his nickel-plated gun
Your just the man of the moment when you leave some will grieve
Till your clones arrive, then your nails will grow as your nose will snow
As you lose your fucking mind


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Lynn Callihan

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