For over two decades, the Northern Michigan songwriter has been described as “ear candy for the soul”.  His evocative voice, haunting melodies, and percussive guitar technique creates a unique style of a dark Americana, Alternative Folk, and Blues. 

    Callihan’s songs are an innovative tapestry of loves lost, tragedy and triumph. Woven together they form his unique style that will surely entice and enhance your musical palette. His percussive style of playing has been compared to the likes of Keller Williams and Michael Hedges.

     Callihan is a music traditionalist.  He plays a mixture of "people's music" and improvisational originals based in collective improvisation.  His creativity is influenced by diverse sources like Bob Dylan, John Hyatt, Jerry Garcia and the Guthries, Woody and Arlo. Callihan seeks to examine every corner of the mind, through his music.


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