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the Song


the Story

The other day I started thinking about a homeless man I knew in Cincinnati quite some time ago.  He was an amazing individual.  At one time in his life he had everything, then lost it all.

Whenever I met him on the street I stopped and talked with him, and give him what little money I had left in my pocket.  Eventually he was found one winter day curled up in a corner; he had taken his last breath.

I wrote this song to bring more awareness to this dire situation.  I will be offering it as a free download in hopes of helping the homeless. For the download I respectfully ask you to make a donation at the link below.

the Lyrics

Just sitting here in the freezing cold
My mind's going tired of growing old
This cardboard box I call my home
Till all that's left is skin and bones

They think I'm blind but I can see
The way they look when passing me
Just a place to cast their Stone's
Till all that's left is skin and bones..


Tattered clothes scruffy hair
Don't matter much ain't going nowhere
Just the streets where I roam
Till all that's left is skin and bones

I stand for hours for just a hot meal
My empty cup has nothing to steal
Our plight won't end until we're shown
That all that's left is skin and bones

I'm not alone why can't we see.
Millions more just like me
Left to die and cursed to roam.
Till all that's  left is  skin and bones