1. Doubts

From the recording Pondering a Thought WAV

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Well I believe the things you say
The harder I try the longer you stay
You wear down my soul like a pair of old faded jeans
You rip through my life and you shattered my dreams

But it's just my doubts, haunting me
Just my doubts, bleeding me
Oh bleeding me

All of these questions haunting me
Make me so blind I can't see
Will you give me an answer show me a sign
Just keep to yourself while I walk this line

Empty is how you make me feel
All of my life you managed to steal
You darkened my soul in my time of need
But through all this darkness I still see
And it's just my doubts haunting me
Just my doubts, bleeding me
Just my doubts oh haunting me
Just my doubts oh but leaving me
Leave me