From the recording Pondering A Thought

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Pondering A Thought

Well I was drinking in a bar, some gal left me there to wait
When this guy walked up to me and said I think you know my sister Kate
He proceeds to tell me a story bout last night that I had done
I said I can't remember that but it sounds like I had fun
Then he smiled and clenched his fists I knew there was going to be a fight
Then the girl that left me there grabbed me and saved my from my plight

As we drove off in her car she said what's that all about
Before the words left my lips the door flew open and I fell out
Well the asphalt wasn't friendly and the curb she wasn't kind
When this cop saw me lying there and said son let me ease your mind
Then he put his cuffs upon and threw me in his jail
Well its 4 o'clock the coffee's cold I guess a bribe's not bail, not bail

Well I'm not a millionaire it's really not my fault
That I don't have ton of cash hidden in some secret hidden vault
Inside a stone castle surrounded by a moat
Filled with a thousand Nile crocodiles while all the peasants gloat
At my fleet of Ferrari's parked by my valet's
While my hounds mark the grounds and they keep them all at bay.

Well I'm not a politician standing on some stool
Making empty promises and acting like a fool
Kissing little babies just to get your vote
But when I am elected you'll never here me quote
When I am in office your pocket's I will bleed
While your homeless go hungry and I live beyond my means

Well I'm not the captain yet on the ship of fools I stand
With a thousand tales within these sails I'll spread throughout the land
And when I finally woke I was lying in my bed
With Dylan on the radio and his song still in my head
Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pens
The times are changing but the story never ends
The times are changing but the story never ends.
© 1996 Lynn Callihan BMI - All rights reserve