1. Blacktop city

From the recording Closer to Fossil MP3

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Blacktop City

Got me ghetto doorbells, got me government checks
Got me neon signs, but you ain't seen nothing yet
Saturday night special, lyin in the street
Got fluorescent smiles for everyone we meet

Take me back to the city, let me bleed again
Take me back to the city, back with all my friends

Pretty little white boy, would you like to buy some 'caine?
Fill your head full of speed, we'll play some street side games
Bend over touch your toeswith a blade up your back
Then we'll cut your body up in pieces, put you in a gunny sack


Some like the country for all the things it does
Deep piece of mind and the heavens up above
You can breath fresh air 'til it's coming out your ears
Just give me a piece of blacktop and a case of stag beer