From the recording the Shagway Sessions

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Walking Man Blues

I'm just an old dog that lost my home
Guess I'm just cursed to roam
Maybe ill find my way Someday

You ran through my life like a blade of a knife
My heart still remembers the day
A blind man will follow when you show him the way

I got The Walking Man Blues How can ya loose
I got The Walking Man Blues How can ya loose with
The walking man blues


Now this is how i make a living
Juke joints cheap whiskey and loose women
This roads just a long one night stand

I must be a sinner cuz I'm far from a saint
You say theres a heven i say there aint
It doesn't really matter much to me

Lead Kazoo
Chorus Bridge

You know every time i sing this song
Reminds of how you done me wrong
Tore my heart out and left me here to bleed

You went and run off with my brother bill
Bet you think I’m anger still
But in my mind I had nothing more to loss

Now I may be right and I may be wrong
Wherever I turn it’s just the same old song..
I just keep wearing down these old shoes

So when it feels like you’re losing your mind
And you've reached the end of the line
Theres always one thing left you can do


And I know for sure
I’ve got the cure
You get the walking man
You get the walking man blues